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Thank You to everyone who made this event inspirational and a time of growth and renewal.


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WHY See and Energy Healer and Why Jacqui?



1. When We’re Feeling Confused or experiencing a Mercy Mind:


Left BulletEnergy Clogging: Our energy fields experience a lot of information coming in and going out affecting our chakras. However this energy sometimes doesn't exit our physical body as efficently as needed. When in transition or are healing old pain and trauma a build up of energy causes congestion in your energy field. This contributes to your brain not functioning as clear and efficiently as before. I provide simple techniques such as: 

* Reiki

* Sound Therapy ~ using specific Hz frequencies for re-tuning the    chakras and energy field

* Colour Therapy

* Healing Circle~section in the energy field that can help clients feel like their minds are clearer and easier to focus.


2. After a Recent Crisis or Trauma such as:

Vehicle accidents

* Sexual abuse

* Verbal abuse

* Mental abuse

* Surgery

* Death

* Relationship breakup

The above are few of the challeninging things we all experience at one time or another. The shock and pain of these events affect your physical body, mind, and your energy system too. The choice of seeing an energy healer as soon as possible assists in relieving and removing remnants of trauma from the energetic system. There is a great chance the pain of these events will linger in your body less therefore illiminating an environment conducive for disease and illness.


3. After Surgery or a Hospital Stay

As an energy healer, I have the opportunity to work with removing old energy and sealing in good healing energy. After an invasive surgery into the physical body the energetic field is also cut into along with meridan lines. Spending healing time with yourself in a quiet, supportive and kind  space allows for tranformation of your cells, body, mind and spirit.


4. When Burdened With Childhood Trauma

Personal programming transpires from events that happened to us between conception and age three: the events and things we can’t remember. Just beacuse you don’t remember these events, it doesn’t mean that they are not affecting you. Your brain is directly wired and connected to the events from this time. The memory of these events lives in the energetic system. It is through the provision of loving and compassionate energy healing, you can choose to change your present life by healing your past.


5. In a Life Transition

Changing jobs, careers, relationships or life taking you in a new direction, your computer’s operating system needs updating and recharging from time to time which inculdes your personal energetic system. If we feed the body freshness and excitement then the transition to adapt to new life becomes a simplified process. It is here that an energy healing session is extremely helpful.


6. When We Feel Stuck

At different intervals in life we feel stagnent, stuck and in a rut. By not making choices you can find that years go by and nothing changes in your life: everything feels dull. An energy healing session the spring cleaning for the body and mind. An energy healer clears the dust removes the old boxes that no longer serve the energetic system and provides the feeling of momentum in moving ahead with our lives.


7. Any Time in Your Life is a Good Time

TRUTHFULLY: It’s your life, it's your choice and it's your direction. NO justification is necessary! If you desire loving energetic assistance, then let's go for it! What is stopping you but you? If once a week for a period of time or once a month gives you the progress and security you need, then let's schedule those sessions: as feeling good is good.


Some clients book sessions just to be in my positive energy while finding the gunk and crap in their energetic system and going after a real good sweep of the energy. Once a session is experienced, they often feel better than they expected and are pleased with themselves that they took the time to contribute to their own life in a positive way taking time with and for themself.


So why wait to be diagnosed with disease or continue down the path of sadness and dispair before choosing to take care of ourselves?


You take your car in for adjustments, tuneups and oil changes and our bodies require regular maintenance too; cleaning or housing system the body is you choosing to love and care for you as no one else can make that choice for you.


Today is a good time to choose a healing session of sound, Reiki and colour adding precious energy to your vital life energy processing system; your body!