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Thank You to everyone who made this event inspirational and a time of growth and renewal.


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Enjoying "Magnified Energy"

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is the language of Light that was handed down from generation to generation from the Mayan and the Aztecs. Sacred Geometry uses the coloured light and Sacred Geometry to create clear messages. Each thought carries a message which travels in the neurons of the brain where it is transofrmed into electo-magnetic impulses. These impulses shape the messages into concepts that our conscious mind can comprehend. "Clear thoughts with clear intentions produce messages that emanate from the brain into the surrounding environment as "imprints or encoded messages of Light."


This is how your aura is formed. This is how SPIRIT knows what you resonate with in life. SPIRIT then feeds you either the energy that you are resonating, or if you are dissonating. SPIRIT brings balance to you. Sacred Geometry structures everything. Your Sacred geometrics structures your relationships, home and anything that your aura or thoughts touch. 


To be in a space that Sacred Geometry will work in its most powerful aspects, a certain state of consciousness is required. There are three principles that your conscious mind must be in agreement with:


1) Your thoughts create your reality;

2) You are 100% responsible for your reality;

3) As above, so below or "as within, so without."


When you understand that these concepts are Universal Laws, then you can use these laws to your advantage. The purpose of using Sacred Geometry is to have an in-depth understanding of how thought and concept affect our reality. The very building blocks are the energies of light and the form that we give them. As we move through our own persoanl growth processes, we begin to realize that the amount and type of data about our process is not reasonably communicated in words. As we begin to facilitate the growth processes of others, we learn that the form of the process must stay the same. Yet each person, being the uniqe individual that they are, needs different words to activate the process. Sometimes words are not enough. A person needs and wants to experience the energies of a person that has already gone through the process and is a living example of its work.


The strenth and understanding of Sacred Geometry in the facilitator corresponds to the amount that needs to be said and done. Powerful light workers can heal, teach and change with their very presence. Sometimes no words are spoken or a touch is enough to activate permanent changes in the consciousness and reality of others. When this state is reached, the light worker becomes known as a Master.


Sacred Geometry Sessions: