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Privacy Policy


Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of personal information is an important aspect of the way Jacqui Russell, operating as Vibrationally Sound (“Vibrationally Sound”) conducts its business. Collecting, using, and disclosing personal information in an appropriate, responsible, and ethical manner is fundamental to Vibrationally Sound's daily operations.

Vibrationally Sound strives to protect and respect personal information of its customers, employees, and business partners, in accordance with all applicable regional and federal laws. Each staff member of Vibrationally must abide by this organization's procedures and practices when handling personal information.




This Privacy Policy informs Vibrationally Sound's commitment to privacy and establishes the methods by which privacy is ensured. This Privacy Policy applies to all personal information within Vibrationally Sound's possession and control.

Personal information is defined as any identifying information about an individual or group of individuals, including name, date of birth, personal address, personal phone number, personal e-mail address, social insurance/security number, nationality, gender, health history, bank account numbers, opinions and personal views.

Business information includes an individual’s name and position or title, business telephone number, business address, business e-mail address, business fax number and other business contact information.  This information can be disclosed without consent to allow that individual to be contacted as a representative of Vibrationally Sound.

Consent occurs and is obtained when an individual signs an application or other form containing personal information, thereby authorizing Vibrationally Sound to collect, use, and disclose the individual's personal information for the purposes stated on the form.


Policy Statements

  • Vibrationally Sound assumes full accountability for the personal information within its possession and control. This organization has appointed Jacqui Russell as primary custodian of all privacy matters and legal compliance with privacy laws.
  • Vibrationally Sound obtains personal information directly from the individual to which the information belongs. Individuals are entitled to know how Vibrationally Sound uses personal information and this organization will limit the use of any personal information collected only to what is needed for those stated purposes. Vibrationally Sound will obtain individual consent if personal information is to be used for any other purpose. Vibrationally Sound will not use any personal information without the consent of the individual (except as provided below).
  • Vibrationally Sound may use personal information without the individual's consent under particular circumstances when it is reasonable to do so. These situations include, but are not limited to:
    • When a reasonable person would consider that it is clearly in the interests of the individual or the individual would not reasonably be expected to refuse consent and Vibrationally Sound cannot obtain consent in a timely manner.
    • Vibrationally Sound is under obligation by law to disclose personal information in order to adhere to the requirements of an investigation of the contravention of a regional or federal law, under the purview of the appropriate authorities.
    • An emergency exists that threatens an individual's life, health, or personal security.
    • The personal information is already publicly available.
    • If the disclosure is necessary to comply with a subpoena, warrant or court order that requires information to be produced.
    • If the individual’s information is needed to collect a debt owing to Vibrationally Sound or for Vibrationally Sound to repay an individual money owed by Vibrationally Sound.
  • Under no circumstances will Vibrationally Sound sell, distribute, or otherwise disclose personal information or contact lists to third parties. However, limited disclosure may be required as part of Vibrationally Sound fulfilling its stated business duties and day-to-day operations. This may include consultants, suppliers, or business partners of Vibrationally Sound, but only with the understanding that these parties obey and abide by this Privacy Policy, to the extent necessary of fulfilling their own business duties and day-to-day operations.
  • Vibrationally Sound will retain personal information only for the duration it is needed for conducting business. Once personal information is no longer required, it will be destroyed in a safe and secure manner. However, certain laws may require that certain personal information be kept for a specified amount of time. Where this is the case, the law will supersede this policy.
  • Vibrationally Sound will protect personal information with the appropriate security measures, physical safeguards, and electronic precautions. Vibrationally Sound maintains personal information through a combination of paper and electronic files. Where required by law or disaster recovery/business continuity policies, older records may be stored in a secure, offsite location.
    • Access to personal information will be authorized only for the employees and other agents of Vibrationally Sound who require the information to perform their job duties, and to those otherwise authorized by law.
    • Vibrationally Sound's computer and network systems are secured by complex passwords. Only authorized individuals may access secure systems and databases.
    • Routers and servers connected to the Internet are protected by a firewall, and are further protected by virus attacks or "snooping" by sufficient software solutions.
    • Personal information is not transferred to volunteers, summer students, interns, or other non-paid staff by e-mail or any other electronic format.
  • Vibrationally Sound’s website will include our privacy policy and disclose our personal information practices.
  • In most instances, Vibrationally Sound will grant individuals access to their personal information within 45 days of a request. If an individual finds errors of fact with his/her personal information, please notify Vibrationally Sound as soon as possible to make the appropriate corrections. Should Vibrationally Sound deny an individual's request for access or require more time to process the request for access to his/her personal information, Vibrationally Sound will advise in writing of the reason for such a refusal or delay. The individual may then challenge the decision or file a complaint with the appropriate authority.


Any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy can be addressed by contacting us at 780-250-9675. Vibrationally Sound will investigate and respond to concerns about any aspect of the handling of personal information. This organization will address concerns to the best of its abilities. 


Why do we have a privacy policy?

At Vibrationally Sound, we believe in building relationships with our customers. These relationships are built on trust and respect and we believe that is the way a business should be operated. Part of establishing trust and respect is done by telling you what information we will require from you, how this information will be handled, and how this information will be kept safe. We know that your personal information is a valued asset and we want you to know that we will treat it that way.


The purpose of the following document is to inform you of:

  • our information handling practices;
  • the reasons for these practices;
  • security steps in place to protect your information; and
  • your role in controlling your own personal information.


Collecting Personal Information

At Vibrationally Sound, we collect personal information to better serve your needs. Whether it be purchasing products and services from us or obtaining referrals and distribution requests, we are here to make sure that you get everything you need. In order to provide you with our wide variety of services, products, and promotions, we may collect the following information when necessary:

  • contact and mailing information such as name, address, telephone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses
  • credit information, and personal information
  • any other relevant information which is necessary to provide you with our products and
  • services.


We may need to collect other personal information depending on the circumstances, but we will ask you directly and ensure that you agree.


Safeguarding Your Personal Information

Like you, we at Vibrationally Sound value your personal information. Part of valuing your personal information is making sure that it is protected and kept confidential. We achieve this by:

  • keeping our records secure;
  • having up to date computer security such as passwords, encryption and firewalls;


Controlling Your Personal Information

We believe that part of establishing trust and integrity comes from allowing you to control your own personal information. As such, we will collect information about you on a voluntary basis. If you have questions or concerns about the handling of your personal information or wish to withdraw your consent, please contact Vibrationally Sound. Our representatives would be happy to assist you.


Accessing Your Personal Information

Vibrationally Sound provides you with the opportunity to access your personal information that is held by us. If you require another copy of such information or further information, please contact Vibrationally Sound. Please note that a nominal fee may be charged based on the volume of information requested. If you have more questions about your privacy rights in Alberta please visit the website of the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner at


Updating Your Personal Information

Vibrationally Sound will do its best to ensure that your personal information is correct and kept current. A customer service representative would contact you to verify your personal information before any decisions are made or action is taken based on that information. We will keep your information as long as is necessary to continue to meet your customer needs and any legal requirements we may have. However, once your personal information is no longer needed, we will destroy it. If your personal information changes, please inform us of the change and any other information you feel is necessary. Also, if your personal information is incorrect, then please notify us of the correct information.