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End of Life Comfort ~ Palliative Support for Families


"Every Death is a Joyful Birth into a Higher Dimension of Being" James Van Pranagh




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The ear is the first organ to develop in the fetus and the last organ to stop functioning during the process of death. This prominence at the beginning and end of our life cycle indicates that the ear my hold valuable keys to the myseries of life. While shamans rely on dreams and visions to provide them with insight into health conditions, sound was often their vehicle for channeling healing energy and intentions into the sick or distressed individual.


Uniting music and medicine in end of life care. I specialize in using my monochhord (harp like instrument and voice at the bedside of loved ones young, old or in traumatic situations to lovingly serve the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the dying and thier loved ones with prescriptive music.


The ears are the last organ to shut down when a person is in transition and what they hear during this period of time is critical to their sense of peace, support, comfort and nervous system calmness. Prescriptive music is live music using sound and voice that responds to the physiological needs of the patient moment by moment. For example, by observing vital signs such as heart rate, respiration and temperature, the music-therapist provides music that is tailored to each specific situation. The warmth of this living music can bring solace, dignity and grace to those nearing the ultimate journey at the end of life.


This music can help to ease the physical symptoms such as pain, restlessness, agitation, sleeplessness and labored breathing. It offers an atmosphere of serenity and comfort that can be profoundley soothing for everyone who is present. Difficult emotions such as anger, fear, sadness and grief can be relieved as listeners rest into a musical presence of beauty, intimacy and compassion.


This service is not inteded to entertain or distract the patient. Instead, this music allows the patient to enter into the unbinding process of letting go in his or her own very personal way. It affords families a chance to be with thier loved one in a very intimate yet safe atmosphere where words are not necessary and the words that are said can come from a deep place, aided by the music.


As medical technology becomes even more advanced, its practitioners recognize that there is suffering that eludes even the most sophisticated medical tratment. Many physicians and caregivers welcome music watchfulness as an integral form of care that offeres an opportunity for relieving suffering and bringing comfort.



The Sixth Sense ~ Is there life after death?


Written by: Steven Bancarz|


Source: Spirit Science and Metaphysics


About the author: Steven Bancarz is the creator of ‘Spirit Science and Metaphysics’.  For more articles by him visit his website at  You can also find him on Twitter and YouTube.






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"Your Breathe is the Mover and you then become the Dancer"







"I believe you had a huge influence on my mother's entry into heaven. Your presence was very comforting and I was happy to have you by our side. I can't thank you enough."   Janice E: EDMONTON



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