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September 2017




 September 2017



September 2017 







Thank You to everyone who made this event inspirational and a time of growth and renewal.


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Enjoying "Magnified Energy"


elcome to Vibrationally Sound! Please return in September 2017 for new services. IN Harmony, Jacqui




 I have recently moved to Canterbury, New Brunswick thinking I had healing gifts to bring to New Brunswick and the people and communities I became involved with. Well, it turns out Jesus never left me when I asked him into my heart when I was 12 and he never left me through all the wrong choices and the grip of anger and hurt I have held for decades with the wrong doings of others and my reactive state that spiralled me further into the New Age and Occult world and further away from God. As of today, I am denouncing the secular and new age world and taking back up my Cross that was mine to own since I entered this world. I will be posting and changing the course of Vibrationally Sound IN CHRIST JESUS over the summer while I work on my own heart and the the Diamond of my own Soul. Thank you Canterbury for your healing messages and supportive people as I come to a new awareness of just how far off course my beacon of light has been.



“I welcome you to step with me on the journey of learning life lessons,

as you discover your own strengths, value and purpose in truth.”



"Nigerian Woman Prayer" ~ Vibrational Prayer for their Safe Return



Mission Statement:

“To sing and play various vibration and Hz frequencies in allowing people to explore positive consciousness and positive behaviour through the Virtues of Love and Peace ~ first to self ~ then to others.”